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elaine wright notaryact app

Elaine Wright Harris

Maryland Professional Notary Educator, Active Loan Signing Agent and 2009 NNA Notary of the Year

NotaryAct is the ideal product for professional Notaries who are ready to capture the recording of notarial acts embracing today’s technology. NotaryAct is easy to use, efficient, secure, and cost-effective. My clients are impressed when signing their names using the latest technology.”

Liz Adams notaryact app

Liz Adams

NNA 2010 Notary of the Year and recognized expert of notarial issues

“There is a lot of value in this product. Not only does it provide “privacy” for previous entries, it is user friendly and offers portability without having to carry an actual book. This is a no-brainer…


Happy to lend my support.”

cynanotary notaryact app

Cynthia & Joyce

owners of Florida based CynaNotary notary signing business

“NotaryAct is a first-class app for notaries and notary signing agents. We use it exclusively for all our closings and notary work and we feel that the security features and ease of use are top-notch. With our notary commission stamps and the app on our phones and iPads, we can notarize anywhere in Florida and as owners of a Notary Signing Service and busy businesswomen, this is priceless.

The entries on NotaryAct are time, date, and GPS location stamped. This adds an extra measure of security for both the notary and signer and there is no possible way to falsify or change the record once it has been uploaded. The signers always appreciate learning that once an entry has been sent to the cloud, their private information is securely stored. In an age where identity theft is rampant, this gives them a sense of security.

We consider NotaryAct as integral a part of our notary signing business as our notary stamp and recommend it highly.”

carol ray notaryact app

Carol Ray

creator of Notary2Pro Signing Agent Course

“It is easy to use, has the ability to change and be more adaptable to our individual needs and is easily accessible from its place in the “cloud”. There are two things that really make this a “stand out” application. One is the fact that you can either take a photo of the signer or they can actually sign your device and that signature is saved. Another item is the GPS tracking so you have a permanent record of where you were and what the exact day and time of when the signing took place.”

judy chapman notaryact app

Judy Chapman

North Carolina certified Notary Instructor and owner of A Notary Store Plus More

“In the movie, Jerry McGuire, Renee Zellweger said “You had me at hello.” NotaryAct had me at at “the photo.” Then they said the product uses geo-tracking to pinpoint the transaction location. NotaryAct is definitely the top drawer product for today’s Notary wishing to capture as much as possible in their journal. The details , the signature, the photo, exact location, secure storage on a Cloud and written reports anytime needed …. what more could you ask? Oh! You want it to reside on your iPhone or iPad so there is one less thing for you to manage? Call me your Notary Genie, you have your wish! This is the must have e-journal for today’s notary utilizing today’s technology.”

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